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Complete lines for salami

Automatic pickup and orderly positioning of the salami on the rods; automatic loading of the rods on frames with variable heights from 4 to 5 and a half meters; automatic handling of these frames by robotic vehicles; automatic unloading of the salami and feeding of the packaging line.

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Maxistampo mould for hams

The Maxistampo® mould is designed and manufactured for the automated industrial-scale production of "boneless blocks" of raw ham for slicing

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Moulding cooked hams

Major multiples increasingly require sliced products with standard weights and measures without sacrificing quality. At Vemac, with our production and automated handling systems with bars for cold cuts, we will meet your needs perfectly.


Handling systems

Thanks to its versatility, Vemac has designed automated handling systems using both aerial shuttles on guideways and using AGV technology on the ground.

We at Ve.Ma.C

About us

Vemac is a leading company in the handling, automation and robotics sector for the meat industry. Customization and innovation are our strength. 

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Product design


Vemac guarantees its customers a prompt and comprehensive technical support service both on site and remotely.

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