Line for the production of individual cooked hams through the filling of individual moulds contained in a frame that allows handling of several items at a time by means of robots or facilitators.

Vemac is able to industrialize the production process for traditional cooked ham or cooked ham with zero weight reduction or strip-off with recovery of gelatin.

Line composition

  1. Reception and selection lines
  2. boning line
  3. moulding line for cooked ham bars
    • mould filling
    • pressing
    • cooking
  4. automatic machine for opening moulds
  5. automatic product extraction
  6. feeding of slicing or packaging lines


  • the traditional shape is maintained
  • standardization of the production process
  • less tiring for the operators
  • certainty on production time and greater ability to plan production
  • possibility to achieve large production quantities systematically
  • lines that can be completely sanitized


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