Line for the production and handling bars of cooked ham for slicing or packaging.

Vemac is able to industrialize the production process for traditional cooked ham or cooked ham with zero weight reduction or strip-off with recovery of gelatin.
The cold meats industry is expanding. Vemac is quick to respond with new solutions so that our customers can achieve significant benefits.

The line consists of:

  1. Boned product sorting systems by weight/visual/pH
  2. Robot for loading/unloading hams on racks
  3. Syringe machine feeding systems with weight management
  4. Systems for filling moulds (moulding)
  5. Systems for boning
  6. Automatic machines for loading/unloading moulds on racks (patented)
  7. Automatic machine for pressing moulds on the rack
  8. Automatic machine for loading/unloading packaged hams on racks
  9. Automatic brand applicator


  • Less tiring thanks to fully automated handling of the bars
  • Greater slicing speed
  • less waste
  • versatility at the end of the line: packaging in flopack, direct feeding of slicers
  • lines that can be completely sanitized

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