A fast and accurate system for detecting the percentage of lean, fat, anomalies and yield ratio of each item.

Preparation and operation:
  • System with detection device and analyser PC in a robust compartment with  a "tunnel" positioned above the conveyor.
  • Automatic detection of parts
  • Use for central parts, ham or bacon.
  • Evaluation time per item of less than 1 second.
  • Immediate return of results for selection or guarantee of quality.
  • Documentation of the results by selection or by quality guarantee.
  • Documentation of the results in a database.
  • Payment of suppliers based on quality measured and documented.
Information returned by the system:
  • Lean percentage of the carcass.
  • Lean percentage of ham.
  • Lean percentage of bacon.
  • Thickness of the fat in the middle piece (bacon, rib).
  • Determination of the colour.
  • PSE and DFD abnormalities.
  • Derivation of the classification criteria.
  • Determination of the yield ratio.
Integration in the operation sequence:
  • Flexible data output to the company's data system via serial interface or NT network, for internal use or interpretation.
  • Control of the classification systems.
  • Possibility to connect the VPS 2000 to a scales.