Full automation: automatic pickup and ordered positioning of the salami on the rods; automatic loading of the rods on frames up to 5 and a half meters in height; automatic handling of these frames by through robotic vehicles or shuttles; automatic unloading of the salami and feeding of the packaging line.

The fully automated line consists of:

  1. Automatic machine to handle the salami after they are cased and automatically put them on rods.
  2. Machine for automatic composing layers of full rods.
  3. Automatic robot for loading layers of rods on frames up to 5.5 meters high.
  4. Automatically driven vehicle for conveying frames
  5. Automatic robot for unloading layers of full rods from the frames.
  6. Automatic feeding of the packaging lines for the finished product.


  • less tiring for the operators
  • continuous product delivery rate
  • positioning sorted according to the recipe of each salami on the rods so as to allow optimal passage of air.
  • ability to load frames as high as 5.5 m, with greater capacity than normal racks, without the aid of an operator.
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