Ground handling lines with AGV / LGV

The Vemac AGV vehicle is able to transfer the racks, empty or full, along the entire production cycle.
The AGV vehicle moves, powered by batteries, following the tracks created by permanent magnets embedded in the floor.

The LGV vehicle is able to move automatically thanks to the use of a laser sensor in the upper part of the vehicle and reflectors positioned in the production rooms.

Both systems are controlled by a supervisor PC capable of communicating with the vehicles through a WIFI radio frequency communication system and with the other machines involved in the production process, managing all the field data taking care of the traceability of the products in the various phases of processing.

The AGV / LGV handling system includes:

  • Automatic recharging system for AGVs
  • Scale for the acquisition of the product weights
  • Laser scanner for the detection of any obstacles on the 360 ° of the vehicle
  • Acoustic signals that indicate the operating status or alarm
  • Certified radio control (only AGV) and manual keyboard for manual guidance
  • Supervisor PC

The main advantages of this type of movement include:

  • Complete autonomy of the system
  • Accurate collection of data such as weight loss and cycle times
  • Lower cost than traditional overhead guidance systems.

Aerial handling lines N.A.V. SYSTEM

The aerial handling system with automatic shuttle, called N.AV. SYSTEM, is able to automatically transfer the full / empty racks on an overhead rail in production following changes in direction.

The vehicles are battery powered.

The movements of the shuttle are controlled by a supervision PC that can communicate with other machines in the production cycle ( robots for loading / unloading racks) and manage all statistical production data.

N.A.V. SYSTEM is equipped with:

  • Battery recharging system
  • Safety system for any obstacles on the paths
  • Acoustic signals and lights for signaling the running status or alarm
  • PLC control for each shuttle
  • Radio communication.

Other processing lines

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